Karl De Grandpré Lawyer Montreal

Me Karl De Grandpré

Maître De Grandpré practices mainly in the area of Real Estate law, and more particularly in co-ownership law, both divided and undivided, mortgage recourses and hidden defects.

As part of his functions, he has:

• Represented the interests of syndicates of co-ownership, co-owners and developers before the Québec courts;
• Managed all aspects related to the inclusion or deletion of a legal hypothec of syndicate of co-owners;
• Participated in meetings of co-owners as Chair of the assembly;
• Made representations ​​in connection with arbitration cases concerning the Guarantee Plan For New Residential Buildings;
• Advised clients on the interpretation of provisions contained in the Declaration of Co-ownership; and
• Assisted new directors during the election of the Board of Directors at the time of the loss of control of the promoter of the syndicate.

This expertise allows him to be the ideal professional, whether for a legal opinion, to collect common expenses due, for disputes before the Court and / or to assist you at a meeting of co-owners or administrators.

In addition, Maître De Grandpre teaches a course on the Real Estate Brokerage Act at the college level.

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