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practice areas

Civil law

Our lawyers in civil law will defend your interests aggressively and effectively, whether for breach of contract, recovery of debts, or if you seek compensation for damages suffered …

Real estate law

Any questions you may have regarding the purchase of real estate, hidden defects and poor workmanship require the best real estate lawyers …

Construction Law

When dealing with an architect or a contractor, some problems may arise such as errors in delivery, cost assessment or poor quality of work …

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our team of business and commercial lawyers will help you during the conflict that affects you and will look for the best result for your company…

Co-Ownership Law

Although the right of co-ownership law is expanding in Quebec, It is especially condominium living that benefits from this growth.

Family law

Family Law is without a doubt one of the most difficult legal areas to manage emotionally.  Divorce and separation touches on topics such as child custody and alimony …

Family mediation

What is family mediation? Rather than live destructive guerilla warfare in the court which is intended to be long and aggressive on the grounds that a couple separate …

Information Technology Law

Whether you are a business, an individual entrepreneur or a simple citizen, our team of lawyers and engineers will be able to offer you appropriate solutions…

Labor Law

Quebec’ labor law is governed by two mains laws, either the the law on labor standards or the law on health and safety at work…

Immigration Law

Our partner in immigration law, the Canadian Immigration Council, will support you and guide you in your efforts to facilitate your admission and integration in to Canada.




Would you like to speak to one of our lawyers? Just submit your contact details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you prefer such type of communication.
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